How Prosperent Works

We're here to help with making more money on your content or traffic. We help with everything from the Product API to merchant relationships and commission negotiation. Here's the gist of how we work:

  1. Use a Prosperent Product (ProsperLinks, The WordPress Plugin, The API)
  2. Build content around our product results and offers and wait for your visitors to click
  3. When your visitors buy something from one of our merchants, we pay you 70% of the commission earned *
Get Started Today

1. Use any Prosperent Product


Converts your direct-to-merchant links into links that earn revenue

WordPress Plugin

Integrate a full shop, direct-to-merchant affiliation into your existing blog


Access our product, merchant, trend data and more for your app or website

Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing site or application. Their purpose is to tie relevant products to the content your visitors are viewing. Have a post about a pair of Nike Shoes? We work to ensure those exact shoes show up next to your content, or than any direct-to-merchant links to those exact shoes are "affiliated" so you can earn commissions from any sales.

2. Build Content and Get Clicks

No matter what you're promoting or which type of ad you choose, our algorithms are constantly monitoring every click to make sure that every user sees the highest paying and highest converting merchant at that very second.

Even if your visitors decide not to buy something right away, a cookie is set on the merchant site and a sale is tracked as long as 30-60 days later. On average, however, purchase-ready visitors take no longer than 7 days to make a purchase.

3. When We Get Paid from the Merchants, We Pay You!

We'll track every click and every commission for you. When a merchant pays us, we'll pay you once a month on all the commissions you have earned.

* A Performer Program is also available to you if you earn at least $6,000 USD with us for three months consecutively. At this point, we pay you 80% of the commissions earned from your traffic.

Focus on your site or app, and let us handle the rest!